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The Process Institute of Cosmetology in Lawrenceville, GA is your starting point on the road to success. An exciting and upbeat place where you will learn the skills needed to start your career in the beauty industry. At The Process Institute, we don't just teach you how to cut hair... we teach you how to set and reach goals.

Your starting point on the road to success!

Founded by Brian Perdue, who also founded The 124 Group, the goal of The Process Institute of Cosmetology is to educate and train the best hair stylists in the beauty industry. Located in suburban Atlanta (Gwinnett County), the fashion center of the southeast, The Process Institute of Cosmetology offers aspiring styling, hair, and beauty professionals the opportunity to enter the industry fully prepared and confident in a rewarding career choice at the best beauty school Atlanta has to offer.

Unlike other hair schools, who have no connection with a reputable salon organization, you'll benefit from the real-world experience of salon professionals. The Process Institute is associated with The 124 Group of fine hair salons. You will learn from a "designer" who not only knows the how's of cosmetology, but the why's as well.

Cosmetology graduates from The Process Institute may choose to begin their careers with a 124 Group salon or with other salons in Atlanta or the southeast. Other graduates will conveniently benefit from our contacts with top hair salon organizations around the United States. Regardless of where you choose to work, graduates of The Process Institute enjoy lifetime placement assistance.

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